WordPress: Various cool new things

Well, you probably know, I love WordPress and am working with it both, professionally as well as just for my own fun – like right here.

So for now, just some things I like that I came across recently:

The merge towards a multi-user installation:

WordPress version 3 is coming soon and it seems to go towards multi-user, multi installation. The standard WordPress installation, as used on this blog, will be merged with the WordPress MU (multi user) edition. More on the current state here. That’s pretty cool and I’m actually thinking of several projects that I could dig into….

An easier way to generate and manage menues:

Up until now, menues needed a plug-in, a specific theme or some hand coding. As also mentioned in the wordpress blogpost linked above, WordPress 3 will get he awesome menue handling capability developed by the guys behind the Woo themes. Cool, thanks, can’t wait to use it, when WordPress 3 comes out in early May 2010.

Create a social network based on WordPress?

I stumbled on BuddyPress and am curious to try it out too. Suposively, it allows us to set up a social network based on a WordPress installation. If I just had more time….. ­čśë