WordPress gets ready for photoblogging?

Well, this is probably on the wish list of several out there who want to make a photoblog using WordPress as a core. I mean a real photoblog, not just a blog on which photos are posted, but rather having an image as the core part of every post.

Specialized systems like Pixelpost do this in a much more straight forward way, but lack the power, robustness and large community that’s behind systems like WordPress and co.

But Worpress may soon build a solid basis to become better at serving images. The core developers team has questioned the users about their preference with respect to media functions. And media handling will be the main topic of improvements for the next WordPress update to Version 2.9. The results are out now and the winner of all topics is….. Media Albums – means albums of photo, images and movies that can be handled within albums independent of posts. Guess that will open up space for a whole lot of new photo-blogging templates.

These are the results uf the main question asking what single media feature you would choose to include in version 2.9:


(Graphics: wordpress.org)

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