The big web design trend 2013 is…

The big trend in 2013 webdesign is a simple but obvious one: Responsive design.

…responsive design, according to this article on the Mashable blog.

It may be looking like a very boring content after that headline, but it’s as important as it is simple. We surf totally different now than we did say 3-5 years ago. Internet is everywhere, subscription plans of mobile carriers offering unlimited mobile download are getting cheaper and whilst it was cool 5 years ago to have a stylish ultrabook or even a laptop when surfing on the couch, tablets are king now. All these devices have different sizes, resolutions and ways to interact. Whilst a couple of companies have adapted to this, many still have not and will need to. This fact alone will make responsive webdesign probably the most asked key know how for webdesigners in the coming year.