True Type Font TTF installation error on Mac OS X Lion & converting it to Open Type OTF

I’m about to get my new iMac in shape with all the tools, special configurations and programs. In addition, I just right now wanted to install a font I use regularly for some of my designs. The new Computer runs on Mac OS X Lion while all other computers on which the font was in use previously were on Snow Leopard. To my surprise the installation process via Font Book stalled with an error:

Problems may have been found with some fonts during validation:
<corrupt font name> x
 Font basic parsability x.

While x means a serious error and it is not suggested to use the font. Boooaah!

Googling yielded very few details about it, so I decided to quickly post the solution I found here (at least until now that all seems to work fine and the font was installed without an error. All I did is convert the TTF font file into an Open Type Font file, which I did using this free font converter.

Hey, if this helped you solve your font problem, feel free to link to this page and leave a comment with your page below. Thanks for sharing!


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