Post Blog-comments for SEO – as many as you can…(?)

Do you have a professional blog and does it allow for commenting quite openly? Then you may realized that many of your visitors, friends and often even some personally unknown industry companions comment with short, positive messages, but no real meaning. It looks quite obvious, many of these comments are just written to be there. Or more specifically, for SEO, in order to get links to their website, to achieve a higher Google ranking.

What I say? Mostly nonsense! And a waste of time and energy.

Most blogs add a “nofollow” attribute to the link. This is in particular the case with all WordPress installations, but also most other systems. Google and other search engines read this and thereby know, that this link was not added and controlled by the blog’s editor and can therefore potentially be search engine spam.

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s anti spam team actually wrote about this several times on his blog, confirming that they just simply ignore these links. Therefore: These comments are mostly a waste of energy and time, dear comment writers.

But sure, honestly meant comments are so welcome and so important for the viability of the blogging community. But please just stop these meaningless comments, which you may just leave behind everywhere, because you’re not aware of ‘nofollow’, but think you’re doing yourself a SEO-favour.

And a little side-note: Some blogging fellows actually go and specifically remove URLs from comments of their blogging-fellows, eeeeh meant to say real-world-friends, eeeeh meant to say real-world-competitors. I’ve observed this myself and beside it revealing something about character and personality, it also reveals the absence of knowledge along the line of this blog post.