Facebook Page: More identity

Facebook has rolled out a new look for Facebook pages: They now look almost like a profile of a normal member.

But it’s not only about the apearance, it’s also about making it more personal. E.g. by default, administrators are now listed on the page, showing  more clearly, who’s behind the Facebook page and thereby leading to more transparency.

Then, also on the user side a significant change was made. As a page administrator, one can now switch the identity to use the page as the page-identity or the person’s actual profile.

Unfortunately, it seems that Facebook released the feature a bit prematurely, though. The switch back from the page identity to the user identity leads to a dead end at the URL http://www.facebook.com/identity_switch.php. There’s no other way back then via log-out and logging in again. Also, using Facebook under the page’s identity, some JavaScript functions, like un-liking other pages, seems not to work.

Well, I guess we’re just once more beta testers and we hopefully should soon be able to use these per-se cool features soon.