SlideshowPro takes major steps ahead

I’ve written earlier, that WordPress-developers work towards making this fantastic blogging application into a better photo- and media-handling CMS. The well known and widely used, flash-based gallery tool SlideShowPro now ads it’s contribution to it by taking over the Slidepress Plug-In and ensuring its further development.

But there’s more in today’s announcements: Slideshow Standalone is a new self-contained version of SlideShowPro which now can be embedded, customized and edited through a web browser, without the need for Adobe Flash or Lightroom. It’s also the way to go in combination with the Slidepress Plug-In and should heavily ease the use of SlideshowPro.

I am currently using SlideshowPro on for my commercial wedding photography online portfolios and will further test SlideshowPro’s new family members later this year. I’m sure these applications, in particular the ‘Standalone-incarnation’, will find a lot more new users from the WordPress community soon.

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