Mac Mini as a Mediacenter?

This is work in progress, as the project most likely will be completed in the coming winter. But so much for now: I will mostly use my Mac Mini for viewing photos on a plasma TV, but would like to extend it’s use towards a mediacenter. It’s clear that the mini is not a mediacenter and laks some base-functions to be so. E.g. a more sophisticated sound system with multiple channels or space for additional cards. But it’s compact asize and good look make it quite welcome and undisturbing on the TV-desk.

These are the tasks I see coming, or have already done:

Connecting to the TV: As most modern TVs have HDMI inputs, this is no big deal. You need the adapter of the mac to connect a DVI monitor cable and then combine it with a DVI to HDMI cable. Works perfect!

Sound: I use just simply iTunes and Front-Row to play sound. The library can be used from another computer over the Network or directly from the installation on the mini. Output goes in stereo, but not multi-channel, directly to the speaker. Currently only the TV-speakers, but soon an external speaker set from Logitech.

TV-receiver: coming soon…

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